The Big Lift Strategic Planning Update is Coming Soon!

Key Pillars

The Big Lift, a San Mateo County preschool to third grade initiative, administers four evidence-based strategies with the aim of increasing the percentage of students reading proficiently by third grade. This collective impact initiative provides high-quality preschool, summer learning, family engagement, and attendance programming to the county’s most vulnerable youngest learners.

Key Pillars to Success

High-Quality Preschool

The Big Lift high-quality preschool program serves 1,900 kids ages 3-5 years old at 37 sites preparing children for more success in kindergarten.

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Inspiring Summers

The Big Lift Inspiring Summers program serves 1,500 rising kindergarten to third-grade students at nine sites. Inspiring Summers aims to support student’s academic and social-emotional skills and interrupt the well-documented summer learning slide that is present for economically disadvantaged children.

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Family Engagement

The Big Lift family engagement pillar is embedded in the Big Lift preschool programs, providing supports and education for reading at home and involvement in children’s education.

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The Big Lift attendance pillar provides customized attendance messaging to preschool-second grade students with the objective of reducing chronic absenteeism.

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