The Big Lift model includes four key program elements, each of which are evidence-based and described below. These four elements (including our collective impact approach) are being evaluated by The RAND Corporation, a world-renowned research firm.



High-Quality Preschool


The Big Lift invests in the creation of new, high-quality preschool classrooms and enhances the quality of existing preschools through coordinated classroom supports, including teacher professional development, on-site technical assistance and coaching -- all measured by rigorous quality standards aligned with the California Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). The goal is to provide two years of quality preschool for the 3,000 low-income children in the county who now lack access.

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Inspiring Summers


The Big Lift invests in evidence-based and inspiring summer learning programs that enable children to maintain and build on their academic and developmental gains from high-quality preschool throughout the early years. We plan to provide Big Lift children with three years of quality summer learning experiences, including exposure to early STEM content.

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Family Engagement


The Big Lift invests in Raising A Reader Plus, a national, award-winning, evidence-based early literacy and family engagement program. The Big Lift is also partnering with the Stanford Graduate School of Education’s innovative READY4K! program, which provides text messages to parents of preschoolers designed to help them prepare their children for kindergarten.

Finally, the Be Strong Families Parent Café approach is being launched in The Big Lift communities as a key strategy to promote leadership skills while strengthening family-school partnerships.  The model uses the World Café process to advance the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework, a research-informed approach to increase family strengths and enhance child development. Our goal is to help families develop, practice and sustain home literacy routines in ways that build on family strengths, culture and language.

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The Big Lift invests in efforts to help families understand the importance of attendance in preschool and early elementary school and encourages them to make consistent attendance a high priority and ongoing habit. We are partnering with the Harvard Kennedy School to research the most effective messages to families.

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