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East Palo Alto – Belle Haven

The East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities work collaboratively with a wide-range of non-profit, governmental, and business organizations to create a quality instructional program which empowers students to make positive choices, achieve their personal best, be college bound, and productive responsible participants in a 21st century global society. The community is committed to preparing all students to succeed and contribute in a changing world.

Inspiring Summers Registration Information

In 2023, Ravenswood City School District will not host Big Lift Inspiring Summers, however an alternative full-day program will be available to all rising K to 8th grade students who live in RCSD district boundaries regardless of the school they will attend in Fall.

Please visit Ravenswood City School District’s website for more summer information.

The Big Lift enables kindergarteners to feel welcomed on campuses, meet fellow students, and engage in an enriching summer curriculum.

Gina Sudaria, Superintendent, Ravenswood City School District

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Success Story

Innovative teachers make clean-up time fun and educational!

Recognizing play is an intrinsic motivator, The Big Lift teachers created a clean-up time routine that was playful, while adding learning components. The teachers planned the clean-up process based on student insights utilizing intentional design, Social-Emotional learning (cooperation), Mathematics (sorting and categorizing), Science (observation and hypothesis), and Language Development (repetition and definition of a novel word).

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Community Impact Report

This 2019 East Palo Alto-Belle Haven Inspiring Summers report presents the inspiring outcomes of this holistic learning experience blending academics with enrichment, social-emotional skill development, and community engagement.

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