Public spending is lowest in years when most brain development occurs.


If we were designing our public school system today, it would start at age 3. In preschool, children learn the early academic content and develop the social and emotional skills that education experts view as essential to kindergarten readiness and success in school.



An opportunity gap starts early.


If you can afford to send your child to a quality preschool and provide other enriching experiences, you do . If you can’t afford to, like half of our county’s families, your child’s chances of success are greatly diminished before school begins — a major opportunity gap.



A shocking number
of our county’s 3rd graders can’t read proficiently.


San Mateo is one of the most forward-looking and prosperous counties in the nation, among the top 1%. With such a positive profile, it can be easy to overlook how many kids in our county are struggling very early on in school.



It is not just a hunch that the right start
pays off.


Rigorous economic research by Nobel laureate Professor James Heckman of University of Chicago shows that investment in early education returns more than eight dollars for every dollar spent, with the highest rates of return for 0-3 and preschool programs.