We're committed to impact and scale.


Working with the RAND Corporation, we’ll carefully measure and report the effectiveness of our plan and each of the interventions we have identified, as well as assess The Big Lift’s collective impact approach.



Further Details


The Big Lift’s successful application for a highly competitive grant from the Social Innovation Fund, a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, provides more detailed information about how we’ll expand access to quality preschool and the additional support programs needed to improve 3rd grade reading outcomes, and our commitment to carefully measuring the results.

The Big Lift's Application to the Social Innovation Fund →



What's next?


In addition to implementing the roll out of The Big Lift Plan and carefully tracking its progress, we are:

Continuing to raise awareness of the importance of reading by 3rd grade and to build more support for The Big Lift throughout the county.

Fundraising to support the Proof-of-Concept phase  and eventual countywide expansion.

Researching evidence-based approaches to increasing parent engagement, addressing chronic absence and summer learning loss, and establishing stronger transitions to K-12, the most promising of which we will implement and measure in the Proof-of-Concept phase.

Regularly convening community leaders to work together toward The Big Lift’s success.