Keep Kids Learning Throughout Summer


The Big Lift Inspiring Summers Program

After a thorough review process, The Big Lift has decided to partner with BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life), the San Mateo County Library, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and to offer enriching, evidence-based learning opportunities for the summers between preschool or kindergarten and third grade. The full-day, five-week program will offer literacy support in the mornings and inspiring experiential learning in the afternoons, including creative team projects, STEM content, and field trips.

The Big Lift Inspiring Summers Program will provide enriching experiences and prevent learning loss, so that underserved kids have the support they need to read and succeed. Creative, hands-on projects will engage kids with science, art, technology, and math in the summers between preschool and 3rd grade. This program will support Big Lift kids’ interest in academic subjects and persistence in school. 

Here in the heart of Silicon Valley, only 27% of Latino, African-American, and Pacific Islander children can read proficiently by third grade, which is partially explained by unequal access to summer learning. Low-income kids lose an average of two months in reading achievement, compared to their middle income peers, over the summer. By the end of fifth grade, these kids are nearly three grades behind their more affluent peers in reading, making them less likely to graduate from high school and enter college. Our summer programs will help these kids stay on track by addressing the gaps and barriers that make it difficult for them to succeed. 

The Big Lift Inspiring Summers Program will be designed not only to end summer learning loss, but to provide what children from prosperous families get: exposure to new ideas and experiences in the context of continuous and comprehensive help on fundamentals like reading.  We want to inspire all our kids to learn. 

By 2018, we plan to serve 2000 county kids each summer.